Embodied Healing. Cultivating Freedom and Peace from Within.

Being a human being is a challenging and complex experience and usually full of different degrees of suffering that we often feel ill-equipped to deal with and that we lose ourselves in. Sometimes, in more painful moments, we choose to pause and ask for help. I believe it’s because we have a deep understanding that we have a capacity for strength, healing and growth but we don’t always know how to access it. I believe we also long to have our lived experiences seen and heard and cared for.

I am a registered clinical counsellor who has been fortunate to have spent the last 20 years supporting individuals and families living through serious illness, bereavement, divorce/separation and other forms of relational and life traumas and transitions. I am passionate about co-creating a therapeutic space with my clients where they feel comfortable enough to fully express themselves.

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I am a resiliency-focused therapist who uses mind-body approaches with clients. While I specialize in grief and loss, relational trauma, and emotion regulation, I work with a wide range of problems. Read more about What I Offer

Art by Stewart Paley

Insights and Inspirations

Here are some poems, videos, articles, books, podcasts and other resources that I have found to be helpful and healing to my clients. Find these nuggets in my Blog

Life is not the way it is supposed to be. It is the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference

Virginia Satir

Blog Posts

A Poem I Always Return to

Allow–Danna Faulds There is no controlling life.Try corralling a lightning bolt,containing a tornado. Dam astream and it will create a newchannel. Resist, and the tidewill sweep you off your feet.Allow, and grace will carryyou to higher ground. The onlysafety lies in letting it all in –the wild and the weak; fear,fantasies, failures and success.When loss…

Growth and Grief: A Personal Story of Bereavement

I have a vivid, all senses-engaged, memory of the first few runs I did in the forest after my 25-year-old sister died, tragically, in a hiking accident. I was 18 going on 19 at the time and prior to her death, I had never actually given much thought, in a very personal way, to the…

When We Keep Showing Up: The Personal Growth to be Gained from Our Relationships by N Paley

  “Aren’t relationships the best dharma?” a close friend said to me recently. And from there, I began to pay more acute attention to this theme that was emerging so vibrantly in conversations with others about their lives and relationships in the last while; this framework of viewing relationships (all kinds–romantic, familial, platonic, collegial) as…

On Humility (Tara Brach, Western teacher of Buddhist meditation and clinical psychologist)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C8pldy6Crw#t=25 In Buddhism and most faiths, humility – feeling that we all share common ground, feeling neither superior or inferior to others – is both a prerequisite to awakening and an expression of mature spirituality. This talk explores how our conditioning and culture reinforce a swing from ego-inflation (self-importance, feeling special, better than others) to…